Sunday, 20 August 2017

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Curry in Currie Road

Breaking News, initial exclusive pictures from one of the great celebrations of our fantastic Parish.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Impact of Royal Commission presented by Francis Sullivan

- CEO Truth Justice and Healing Council
Frenchs Forest Parish OLGC Hall
Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Sometimes the facts do more than speak for themselves. They cut through the confected edifice of an institution more obsessed with its image than its ethos.

Such is the case with the Catholic Church and the scandal of the sexual abuse of children by priests and brothers.

The Royal Commission has revealed that over a period from 1950 till 2010,4440 individuals alleged abuse by 1880 perpetrators in more than 1000 Catholic Church institutions. Since it is well known that most people never come forward to tell of their childhood sexual abuse and that only 1 in 6 ever tell anyone, the extent of abuse in the Catholic Church is far higher than the reported figures.

This is a scandal and a hypocrisy unparalleled in the history of the Catholic Church in Australia.

It has cut to the very heart of the Church, demoralised its followers and threatens to erode its public voice for generations. Already allegiance to the Church is waning, attendances are down to record lows and the public voice of the Church is increasingly shrill and irrelevant.

The days of the all-powerful Catholic Church are well past. And with it the influence as a moral persuader has been damaged, if not irreparably for at least a generation to come.

The mere fact that I can stand here this evening and say these things and have the sense that they resonate with so many of you in this room speaks volumes for the present state of things. Confronting the Church about its sex abuse history is like questioning your parentage. It is an affront to image, respect and integrity. It calls for a candid and at times threatening conversation.

For decades in Australia the Church has been outright dishonest about the history of abuse of children.

Firstly there was silence and complicity to cover up the facts, the perpetrators and the way victims were managed. The Royal Commission’s data report on the Catholic Church actually shows that in some years the percentage of alleged perpetrators within the ranks of some male religious orders numbered as high as 40 percent.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Curry Night

We’re looking forward to a feast of curry, music and Bollywood dancing on Saturday night.

Donations will be collected during the evening & proceeds from raffles will go towards to supporting our youth.

Please give generously so our youth can attend the Australian Catholic Youth Festival December 7-9, 2017.


Today we move ahead in our reading of Matthew’s Gospel. Last week we read about Jesus walking on the water and the disciples’ confession of faith that Jesus is the Son of God. If we were reading Matthew’s entire Gospel, we would have read about Jesus’ debate with the Pharisees about Jewish purity laws. Jesus argues that it is not what goes into us that makes us unclean; he is referring to the strict Jewish dietary rules. Instead our words and our actions - what comes out of us - make us unclean because they emerge from a heart that is unclean. Knowing about Jesus’ debate with the Pharisees helps us to understand today’s Gospel. In fact the story heightens the surprise and shock we feel as we hear Jesus’ exchange with the Canaanite woman. The woman, who is not Jewish, approaches Jesus, requesting that he heal her demon-possessed daughter. At first Jesus ignores her; he says nothing. The disciples ask Jesus to send her away, and Jesus agrees, remarking that he was sent to minister to the Jews alone.


Special thank you to our many generous parishioners for your wonderful support.
To date we have raised over $10,500.00. It’s not too late to donate, use a CWF envelope and pop it into the collection this week-end.



Is this coming week, running from Monday 21st to Sunday 27th August.

Migrant & Refugee Week highlights that the Catholic Church is a migrant Church, and in Australia this is evident in our Sunday masses which are celebrated in over thirty languages.

For this year’s 103rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees, Pope Francis highlights the plight of child migrants, as the vulnerable and the voiceless. He says: 
“… they are children, they are foreigners and they have no means to protect themselves. 
I ask everyone to help those who, for various reasons, are forced to live far from their homeland and are separated from their families.” 

Pope Francis says we all can act in practical ways to welcome child migrants

Youth News

Praise Fest is on Friday 1st September at
St Gerard Majella’s Church in Carlingford. The night goes from 6pm-9pm, and is opened to all high school aged youth. A group will be going from our parish, we will be meeting at 5pm at St Martins Church and making the trip together. If you would like to join our group, please send Jez an email:

Our Spark Night will be on 
Saturday 2nd September after the 5:30 pm Mass at OLGC. 
Come join the Choir for practice at 4:30pm and stay for Tacos and games.

Our Flame Night will be meeting on the 
9th of September after the 5:30 pm SAYBACS Mass at St Anthony’s. 
Bring along a friend to share in our attempts to capture the flag and eat Dino Nuggets.


Know the facts - Assisted Suicide and Same Sex Marriage. There are key issues at the forefront of the state and national agenda at present about which it is vitally important that we are all briefed. Whilst these matters are in the political arena and have high media attention, they also touch central aspects of our faith, especially around the sacramentality and gift of life and marriage. Please note the following important dates:
24 August:
Bill to Redefine the Definition of Marriage: (click here to read full letter)
As early as 7 November, a Bill to change the definition of Marriage by Law could be decided by Federal Parliament. In the lead-up to this decision, a postal survey will be undertaken across Australia to garner public views. This postal survey (which is not a vote, but an opinion poll), will reach your letterboxes from 12 September. It is important that every eligible voter is accurately registered with the Australian Electoral Commission. Registration can occur 
no later than Thursday 24 August and can be done via

7 September: 
Bill to Legalise Voluntary Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in NSW 
The true mark of our humanity is witnessed in the steadfast care we give to those we love as they are dying. The New South Wales Parliament is looking to introduce on 14 September 2017 a private member’s Bill that will legalise voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. If this is accepted it would radically abandon our deep human commitment not to take someone’s life deliberately. It will have far reaching implications on many aspects of how we live safely and respectfully within our society. Please make your voice of opposition heard by the Legislative Council by signing a Petition available in your Parish. Petitions must be returned by 
Thursday 7 September, so please do not delay.

There is much at stake for the future of our society in these two developments. It is vital that we all make our voices heard and to exercise our right and power as citizens to shape the society we live in. Regularly updated information, resources and links for both issues can be found on the Diocesan website  

Confirmation Sacramental Program

This weekend is the third session in the preparation for Confirmation.

This session introduces the “fruits of the Spirit” and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We talk about the symbolic action of “laying on of hands” in the Confirmation ceremony and how the Holy Spirit comes to us to confirm the gifts we received at Baptism.

Please continue to pray for our children and their families as they journey towards Confirmation.

Catechist Gem

One of our Catechists shared this from last week: -
“The girls surprised me this morning by creating a sacred space before I got to the classroom room. It is the most beautiful class. The boys like to take turns in leading the class in prayer, first the Hail Mary then the Our Father. I think I can let them run their own scripture class”.