New Planned Giving Envelopes Available Now

Dear planned giver,

As our financial year comes to an end and we begin the new financial year, 2022/23, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your ongoing contribution and support to the Planned Giving Program. Your new envelopes are now available in the back of each church.

I understand that some of you were unable to pick up your envelopes last year due to the COVID restrictions, but I acknowledge that you have given generously to our parish collections and I appreciate it. It is your continued contributions that enable us to operate the Parish and your generosity provides for the administration of the Parish, maintenance, which as you know is ongoing, as well as supporting many ministries within the Parish.

If you do not find your envelopes at the back of the church please understand we may have sent them to the incorrect church, so please let us know in the Parish office and we will get these to you. Should you wish to change your contributions to monthly or fortnightly credit card giving or if you wish to increase your contribution please let the Parish Office know and we can help you arrange this.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

Fr Satheesh Antony OSH