In the gospel passage today, we have a picture of Jesus preparing himself for his public ministry. He takes himself out into the wilderness, away from all that he has known until this time, to reflect on his life so far and this next vital stage that he is about to enter. In the wilderness, Jesus is tempted. He has to face his own doubts and demons before he sets off on the road of his public ministry. When he leaves the desert wilderness and enters back into Galilee he immediately begins to preach and, in the first words accredited to him in this gospel, Jesus announces that the kingdom of God is at hand and it’s time to repent and believe. It’s a call to open your eyes and get with the program!.

This Lent, as we venture with Christ into our figurative deserts, let’s do anything that helps our

self-esteem, deal with our anger, attend to why we might work or drink too much, and ensure that we are less stressed. Contrary to what we might think, these activities could be the most helpful ways we can make sure we emerge from our desert the better for having been there.

Please take a Lenten Program Book “Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega”

to help as your journey through Lent.