Adult Spirituality Gatherings…. Pause and Reflect

Would you like to slow down a little to gently reflect upon and deepen your spirituality?

When asked once how important prayer is in our daily lives, Pope Francis' message was emphatic: “How powerful it is! May we never lose the courage to say, 'Lord, give us your peace.’”

Throughout the year we offer opportunities to Pause and Reflect on our relationship with God.
In a comfortable and confidential environment we listen respectfully, enjoy open-sharing, discussion and quiet reflection.

We come together in small groups (10-15 participants) with each session running for 2 hours on a weekly basis for 2, 4 or 6 weeks, depending on the choice of topic.
Input and discussion, prayer, morning tea and quiet time for meditation/reflection with handouts included to follow both during the session and for ongoing private use. 

“These gatherings are not academic or scholarly undertakings…. you do not need to fully understand what one hears and reads, the focus is on listening rather than formulating a response …..simply hearing and accepting another’s point of view and reflecting on it can inform and enlighten one’s own perspective.” (cf Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton pg 13)

Details pertaining to each gathering are advertised in the parish bulletin.

If you would like to know more please ring Parish Office 9451.5097 or email

  • I was excited to learn that we were to have adult education in our Parish, in the form of Pause & Reflect. Now, after attending nearly every session of P&R over the years, I still look forward to each new session with anticipation.
    Leonie Puckeridge has a wonderful way of presenting the subjects with literature and videos as well as explanations, leaving time for questions to be asked and comments to be made, all of which adds to a deeper reflection.
    These past years of P&R have opened my mind to the Scriptures and a more contemplative way of prayer, which have, with no doubt, helped deepen my Faith.
    I am looking forward to the Pause and Reflect sessions in 2021.

  • I have found that in undertaking our parish based ‘Pause and Reflect’ I have reflected more frequently on our Spiritual Tradition. This has further motivated me to give additional time for prayer and thought on walking with God in my daily life.
    We have considered several spiritual writers including Thomas Merton, Joan Chittister and Henri Nouwen. These have greatly assisted me in the further development of my prayer life.