Covid Mass Registration

We need your help.

The Parish now have the Services NSW QR Code to register when you enter the Church. This weekend we will have these up at each Church.

You will need to have the Services NSW App on your phone. This is easy to download.

Please help us by registering with your Smart Phone with the QR Code when you come to Mass.

If you do this then the Parish do not need to keep spreadsheets of details for the COVID Register.

Obviously we realise that some people do not have a Smart phone, we will still have paper sign on sheets for those people.

It is IMPORTANT that EVERYONE who enters the Church registers with the QR Code or on the Paper list. 

Please do not become complacent and make sure you continue to be vigilant. 

Services NSW App is a free App availble in your Apple or Google Store.
Information about the App can be found at Services NSW