These past weeks, I have travelled to the regional areas of the Bathurst Diocese the last two weekends I accompanied the people of the Broken Bay Diocese as they held the first of two diocesan assemblies. No matter where I travel to around the country, and no matter whether I have been present or not, the 21,189 people who have engaged in this process of sharing stories, asking questions and deep reflection on what future God is calling us toward have been inspirational.
The integrity and courage that it takes each person to speak from their heart about their lived experiences of their faith, the place of God in their life and their engagement with the Church is something from which I have been able to draw strength.
As we move towards the end of the year and the season of Advent begins, it is an opportunity to stretch beyond our “Catholic circles” and seek out people who are part of the wider Australian community whom our Church exists to nourish and serve. The mission of our Church, and of this Plenary Council, is to bring about the Kingdom of God of which Jesus spoke.
Thank you to every person who continues to offer their passion, skills, time and prayers to this process. The members of the Facilitation Team are deeply grateful.
by Lana Turvey-Collins