Children’s Nativity OLGC  Christmas
Monday, 24 December at 5.30pm
This Family Mass is traditionally for the children and every year the children of the OLGC Parish present a Nativity play as part of the Vigil celebration. 
All children are invited to participate and in preparation a cast list and practice sessions are planned after the 10am Mass  on Sunday 9th December and final run through on Sunday 16th December for about half an hour.  There are roles for readers, angels, shepherds, stable animals and presenters of the Nativity crib scene and Gospel.  Only the readers of the Prayers of the Faithful have speaking parts.  During rehearsals, parents and caregivers may like to enjoy an after Mass cup of tea or coffee.  If you are unable attend the rehearsals but would like your child to be involved, please let Helen know (setting up near the piano) or phone 0415 216617 and interested adults who may like to assist the Children’s Liturgy team.