In the Gospel today Jesus asks us to believe him even though he speaks of many deep spiritual mysteries.  He tells us to believe in the existence of eternal life and many other religious teachings.  We may not understand some teachings, but we believe them, because it is the Lord speaking.  We constantly believe thousands of things that exist in this world.  For example, I have never been to Istanbul, but I believe there is a city by that name.  I would like to go there sometime.  We know of many historic places and famous people and events, and we trust these truths, when we rely on informed and trusted sources.  Jesus is the most knowledgeable, honest, loving and best source of spiritual realities. We have not seen the heavenly kingdom, but because of Jesus, we can believe it exists.  I cannot picture what heaven is like, but it must be great – I would like to go there sometime.
Lord Jesus, I place my faith in the words you have spoken.