Plenary Council 2020

Listen to what the spirit is saying 

The Catholic Church of Australia plans to host a Plenary Council in 2020. This would be the fifth major assembly for the Catholic Church of Australia and would take place more than eighty years since the last synod, which was celebrated in 1937. It is a meeting of the entire Church in Australia, meaning everyone—bishops, clergy, religious and lay faithful—with the intention of shaping the future course of the Catholic Church in this country. Through Plenary 2020, the Catholic Church in Australia will determine its structures and strategies for the future. And this of course will affect its mission of evangelisation—how it will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in a culture increasingly adverse to Christian values. With God nothing is impossible. Like the Apostles gathered in the Upper Room on Pentecost, we always have a reason for hope because we have the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.

In preparation for this plenary council the Diocese of Broken Bay seek to play a leading role through our dialogue and discernment. The Diocese of Broken Bay has planned a three year process, commencing with a Year of Listening in 2018, of Discerning in 2019, and proposing in 2020. On this Pentecost Sunday we launch the Year of Listening by lighting the Plenary Council Candle.

It is to be hoped that we take up the challenge of the Plenary Council 2020 by participating in it in a prayerful and hopeful way, recognising its import for the future of our Church in this country.

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